Audi R8 – Latest Model: 2017
All About Audi R8. The Audi R8 is a mid-engine, 2-seater sports car, which uses Audi’s trademark quattro permanent all-wheel drive system. It was introduced by the German car manufacturer Audi AG in 2006. The car is exclusively designed, developed, and manufactured by Audi AG’s high performance private subsidiary company, Audi Sport GmbH (formerly quattro GmbH),… (0 comment)

Honda Accord vs Nissan Altima Comparison
Which Is Better: Honda Accord or Nissan Altima? Unless you’ve heard that the Altima has NASA-inspired zero-gravity front seats and you just can’t live without them, there are few reasons to choose a Nissan Altima over an Accord. Sure, the Altima’s front seats are very comfortable, and it uses even less fuel than the Accord,… (0 comment)

Classic Car: Top 10 Vintage Cars of All time
A vintage car is, in the most general sense, an old automobile, and in the narrower senses of car enthusiasts and collectors, it is a car from the period of 1919 to 1930. Famous produced beyond these period are also loosely referred to as vintage cars. Lets check out the top 10 of those cars below.… (0 comment)

Fabulous Life Of Rich Billionaires
Photos: Fabulous Life Of Rich Billionaires In Dubai. Dubai is a city and emirate in the United Arab Emirates known for luxury shopping, ultramodern architecture and a lively nightlife scene. It is a city where rich billionaires and indeed tourists in general like to spend a lot of time and money. Here are 20 Dubai Photos that… (0 comment)

Donate Car To Charity California, Other Cities
Deals On Car Donations To Charity in Various States. How To Donate Car to charity or National Public Radio NPR? Everyone can now donate used cars to charity anywhere following the helpful guides on this page whether you are in California. Firstly, Car donation involves the giving away of old automobiles or other vehicles to… (0 comment)