Range Rover Sport vs Range Rover Evoque comparison
Which Is Better: Range Rover Sport or Range Rover Evoque? If you’re really looking to turn heads, roll through town in a two-door Land Rover Range Rover Evoque with the top down. This is one of the very few SUVs on the market that comes with a convertible top. If you don’t want a convertible,… (0 comment)

Range Rover Sport vs Range Rover comparison
Which Is Better: Range Rover Sport or Range Rover? Side by side, the Land Rover Range Rover outsizes the junior Range Rover Sport. But the differences aren’t as significant as the pricing may suggest. Parked next to each other, the Range Rover stretches less than half a foot longer, which grants only a few extra… (0 comment)

Infiniti QX70 vs Acura MDX comparison
Which Is Better: Infiniti QX70 or Acura MDX? The Acura MDX, a luxury midsize SUV rival, comes standard with plenty of advanced safety features, provides excellent fuel economy, and delivers well-rounded performance. These factors make it a better option than the QX70. Rather than focusing squarely on handling, the MDX feels light on its feet… (0 comment)

Land Rover Range Rover vs Mercedes Benz GLS comparison
Which Is Better: Land Rover Range Rover or Mercedes-Benz GLS? The 2017 Mercedes-Benz GLS ticks every box on the luxury large SUV checklist. There’s a luxe cabin with seating for seven. The GLS also packs in a wealth of standard features – like forward collision warning with brake assist – as well as reasonably priced… (1 comment)

Land Rover Range Rover vs Toyota Land Cruiser comparison
Which Is Better: Land Rover Range Rover or Toyota Land Cruiser? The rivalry between the Range Rover and the Toyota Land Cruiser stretches back decades, and the Range Rover is currently winning. The Range Rover bests the Land Cruiser with a more serene ride and a quiet, vaultlike cabin. You’ll find zestier engines under the hood,… (0 comment)

Volkswagen Golf vs Kia Soul comparison
Which Is Better: Volkswagen Golf or Kia Soul? The performance gap between the Volkswagen Golf and the Kia Soul used to be a mile wide, and the Soul’s lack of oomph was enough for many shoppers to cross it off their lists. That’s no longer the case. The Soul is available with an optional 201-horsepower… (0 comment)

Lexus RX 350 vs Acura MDX comparison
Which Is Better: Lexus RX 350 or Acura MDX? With only $930 separating the Lexus from the slightly more expensive Acura, the edge goes to the MDX. Both share lots of technology features (but lack Apple CarPlay and Android Auto), and their V6 engines are only 5 horsepower apart (290 for the MDX and 295… (0 comment)

Volkswagen Golf vs Honda Civic comparison
Which Is Better: Volkswagen Golf or Honda Civic? There’s a reason the Honda Civic is one of the best-selling cars in the USA. The Civic offers a great mix of features, fuel economy, interior quality, and like the Golf – it’s a fun, sporty car to drive. The Civic is also available in three body… (0 comment)

Audi R8 vs Porsche 911 comparison
Which Is Better: Audi R8 or Porsche 911. Audi often edges Porsche by offering a comparable amount of German styling and performance at a lower starting price. That flips when you compare the Audi R8 alongside the Porsche 911, which can you save as much as $73,000 with its lower starting price. The 911 has… (0 comment)

Honda Accord vs Honda Civic Comparison
Which Is Better: Honda Accord or Honda Civic? When you’re standing at the Honda dealership, it can be tough to choose between the Accord and its smaller sibling the Honda Civic. Both have fuel-efficient engines, lots of features, and upscale interiors. They even have about the same amount of cargo space in the trunk. Ultimately,… (0 comment)